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Have you ever looked stunned at the sight of a beautiful ceiling? Well, that’s the fascinating part of false ceiling designsCeiling designs have been trendy for a decade. Homeowners have many alternatives. However, you need to consider ways to install a false ceiling. That’s what we will discuss here! False ceilings are known as secondary ceilings which hang below the central ceiling. They are mainly built around modern homes and commercial buildings. Being suspended by wood or metal frames, false ceiling designs are mounted at a distance of 8 inches from the original ceiling.
We all love our interiors and want them to look how we want. Moreover, if you are considering ceiling design for bedroom, be cautious about the type of fan you choose. The fans need to align with the modern design of ceiling to ensure a glamorous look of the roomLiving room ceiling design is the category of service which will help us to look into the kind of roof ceiling materials which are required for your home. From simple living room ceiling designs to gypsum wall designs, we will explore each section of these types of false ceiling designs.
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Ceiling design materials need to be chosen according to your expectations of false ceilings. It is also essential to check the prices of tops to calculate your expenditure. And if you are on your way to looking for false ceiling designs, Eureka Services will give you a list. Check them now! 

Ceiling Gypsum Design

Gypsum false ceiling, made from calcium, is used to develop light ceilings. They are created in the form of plasterboards hung with wooden frameworks. According to experts, having gypsum plasterboard is a good process, leaving less residue and dust. Gypsum false ceiling offers water-resistant properties making it an outstanding choice among homeowners.

Advantages of Ceiling Gypsum Design:

  • Created with hydrated calcium sulphate. 
  • It is hard, flexible, lightweight, and easy to install. 
  • Available in different sizes and used in commercial areas. 
  • The speciality of sound insulation and fire-resistant properties.

POP Ceiling Design

The POP is a gypsum plaster that sets up quickly. It is created by heating gypsum until the water has evaporated, leaving behind a powder. Water must be added to mold this powder into various forms and shapes. It is then allowed to dry. This low-cost, simple pop design has a variety of uses. Due to its adaptability, this material for false ceiling designs in bedrooms, hallways, kitchens, etc., has won lovers in the construction business. It is among the materials for artificial ceilings that are most frequently utilized. Advantages of POP ceiling design:
  • Commonly used type of false ceiling. 
  • Made with POP powder and mixed with water to create the paste.
  • Highly durable and sustainable without wear and tear.
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Wooden False Ceiling

False ceilings can be made from a variety of materials, including wood. Additionally, it may be utilized in conjunction with various substances, like POP, gypsum, metal, glass, etc.  The wooden false ceiling design hall has an elegant touch that makes it look great in a simple living room ceiling design. Your guests will be surprised at the look of your home, with the accompanying gypsum wall design around the bedroom and pop ceiling design in the kitchen room

Speaking about the ceiling design of kitchen, the materials used here need to be sourced from good manufacturers. A slight tear of the material can cause dampness on the surface, rising maintenance costs in the process.
In such a setup, a false wood ceiling comes in handy, available in hollow blocks, boards, and panels. They also come with various finishes, including melamine, natural wood that has been varnished, lacquers, CPL laminates, etc.

Advantages of Wooden false ceiling:

  1. Commonly used for its elegant texture and design. 
  2. Gives a natural look to a room.

Single-Layered False Ceiling

Want to add some flair to your ceiling without going all out? For you, the single-layer ceiling will be ideal. Your room will unavoidably gain dimension as a result. Single-layered ceiling designs are better if you fear a design would overwhelm your space. Add colours, forms, textures, and lights to give this ceiling design more personality.

Multi-Layered False Ceiling

Layering may always provide the impression of grandeur and offer fresh opportunities for experimenting with hues, lighting, and textures. Layers are a terrific approach to developing with material already adaptable to make a unique ceiling. Additionally, it might give the appearance of a larger room.

Geometric Ceiling Design

Suspended panels are needed for every component of this design before they can be assembled. This design has a unique sense of style.

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Whether it’s the living room ceiling design or ceiling design for bedroom, you need to identify the reasons to install a false ceiling. Let’s look at them now! 

Having been exposed to beams on the ceiling

Do you have beams exposed to the ceiling? Don’t worry, the installation of a House design ceiling or plain ceiling design enables you to camouflage the beams, giving a seamless look to your false ceiling. The beams are usually connected to the internal walls, enabling the structural beams to appear at regular intervals.  

Having a high modern design ceiling

If you have a modern ceiling design, the ceiling levels need to be reduced with false ceiling types. As a precaution, it is advisable not to opt for false ceilings if you have a low ceiling(height – 9 feet 6 inches). This makes the space look tiny and claustrophobic.

A home with cassette A/C

If your home consists of a cassette A/C, it is recommended to have false ceiling designs. The space between the false ceiling and the actual ceiling helps to install the ducts along with A/C vents and condensate pipes.


The ceiling of a house design ceiling cost per square foot is determined by considering various parameters. These consist of: 

Size: Due to the ability to buy the necessary materials in bulk at wholesale prices, the cost is low for a more fabulous ceiling design in hall.

Quality: It costs more to use high-quality materials. However, because they last longer, high-quality materials provide a more significant return on investment (ROI). Additionally, the quality of the false ceiling significantly impacts durability.

Availability: Costs associated with logistics and transportation might be reduced if the resources you use are readily available on the market.

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  • Easy installation:
    You can build a ceiling design in hall in one of two ways. The first technique uses artificial ceiling panels mounted directly on the beams. You must first construct a wooden frame for it using parallel beams that are evenly spaced apart.
    Change the height of the frame beams to account for the potential variability in the size of the roof beams. The final product ought to be a frame with a constant base level. After completing this, attach the ceiling panels with screws to the wooden framework. Make sure there aren’t any spaces between the boards.
    Sometimes you could wish to install the living room ceiling design so that you can access the space between it and the actual ceiling of the house. You will need to suspend the artificial top in these circumstances.
  • Install frame elements and wall support systems:
    It is now necessary to use the wooden frame along the ceiling behind the wooden struts is now required. Mark the wooden struts along the wall’s bottom height using a laser level. You might also use a rope and spirit level if you don’t have a laser level.
    To fit the length of the space, measure and cut wooden beams of equal thickness. Attach this framework to the walls as well as the struts’ bottoms. This will guarantee a solid foundation for your false ceiling installation. You should design the wiring and light points at this stage if you intend to install lights as part of your false ceiling details.
  • Install vertical wooden struts:
    The height of your artificial ceiling must now be chosen. Along the walls, mark the desired height from the floor. To determine the length of the necessary wooden struts, measure the size between these markings and the wooden framework.
    The wooden struts should be cut to fit this measurement. Since insulating panels typically measure 60 cm in width, reinforcements should preferably be placed 60 cm apart. Utilize this to determine how many struts are required for a room. Utilizing screws, fasten the struts to the wooden frame.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Metal false ceiling

2.Gypsum false ceiling

3.Glass false ceiling

4.Fabric false ceiling 

False ceilings have aesthetic appeal and are efficient heat and noise absorbers. They are practical elements that improve the charm and ambience of your home. Since air conducts heat poorly, it is trapped between the central ceiling and the false ceiling and aids in regulating the temperature of the space. Gypsum, POP, fibre, wood, and plywood are false ceiling materials that help with thermal insulation.

For false ceiling ideas, you must consider home characteristics – lighting, colour scheme, etc. Grab a few photographs from the net to get a better picture. Pass these pics to your interior designer or contractor for false ceiling ideas.

A tray ceiling is best for bedroom design. It allows the cove and recessed LED lights to brighten the bedroom evenly. You will have a simple bedroom design, helping remove the need for other lighting fixtures.

False ceiling designs are simple to install, providing a minimalist aesthetic to your room. Light-heighted ceilings, suspended ceilings, patterned ceilings, and hanging ceilings are a few examples of false ceiling designs for your drawing room.