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Swimming pools can be enjoyable to own. A refreshing swim in the pool is the perfect way to unwind on a sunny summer day. It’s a fantastic location for a gathering. If you really want the most satisfaction out of your swimming pool, you must keep it clean throughout the year. Washing, cleaning, and maintaining valves, water levels, and pool chemicals, among other things, are all required on a weekly to monthly basis. You should never ever have too many issues if you keep up with your swimming pool’s care on a regular basis. With relatively simple methods, a well-maintained pool may last years. Each section of your pool needs a different level of attention.


Swimming Pool Repair & Service

Pool maintenance is critical in this situation, so you may engage a professional swimming pool repair and service for care and the best cleaning methods. Eureka Contracting Services is always near to you to offer the best methods of swimming pool repair and service. To maintain a pool hygienic, a decent knowledge of how current pools work is necessary. A swimming pool in Abu Dhabi and other places frequently demands valuable advice due to the chemicals involved in keeping the water in the tip-top shape. If you tackle it alone that can save money, but it can sometimes cause more stress than it’s worth, particularly if the swimming pool is large or located in a well-kept area. So professional help is necessary and we need to search nearest pool maintenance companies. Eureka Contracting Services is always ready to do swimming pool repair and service effectively with no delay.

The degree of complexity ranges between basic and advanced. Pool cleaning is a time-consuming and often complex task that can take up to 2 hours to complete, depending on your level of expertise. If that’s the case, A perfect pool company can provide all of the assistance you require. Our crew can also assist you with a variety of other services, including chlorinator installation, pool tile repair, professional swimming pool assessments, power and pumping placement, and much more.

We design a number of swimming pools, comprising domestic, public, corporate, competitive, and instruction pools. We are always cared about using the best materials to develop the best quality infrastructure. We have developed the expertise in Abu Dhabi pool maintenance only because of our professional experience and become one of the best swimming pool service companies in Abu Dhabi.

We, at Perfect Pool Service Company, provide pool service in Abu Dhabi at a very reasonable cost. We would be delighted to assist you with keeping your hotel pool, apartment pool, or any sort of public swimming pool clean and in good working order. We can restore that, slippery, murky pool to a clean, and healthful state. 


Inspections Of Swimming Pools

A perfect Pool Service company supplies timely, accurate, and fair pool inspections if you have an existing pool that needs to be inspected. For all types of customers, We do swimming pool audits at residential pools in Abu Dhabi. Our pool inspection service is frequently used by agents, health insurers, homeowners, pool owners, hotel pool owners, residential pool owners, and others. Our professional and qualified pool fix inspector conducts a thorough inspection that includes several assessments and testing. The equipment and safety gates in the Abu Dhabi pool will all be properly evaluated.


Filtration system maintenance is an important aspect of maintaining a swimming pool on a regular basis. Depending on how quickly the filth develops, it should be done once a month. The worse the water becomes, the more frequently it must be cleaned Pool filtration comes in a range of sizes, including sand, cartridge, and dirt filters. Each device will require various cleaning strategies.

swimming pool maintenance in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Swimming Pool Construction & Maintenance

If we think of a swimming pool, usually think of a beautiful atmosphere with the fresh air touching blossoms, with vibrations of the clear waters in a vast swimming pool relaxing its users and those resting around the edge in the comfort of their cushions. In such a scenario a pool service company which provides pool services that make your dream come true is always important to develop and maintain your finest swimming pool in Abu Dhabi. Ceramic pool fixes have the advantage of simply fitting into your budget. Our pool service company is equipped with all types of modern pool machinery and is prepared to build a swimming pool in Abu Dhabi in any shape, whether circular or rectangular. We are always in search of the nearest pool Maintenance Company to keep our swimming pools in Abu Dhabi clean and dirt-free, so we are available anywhere in the part of Abu Dhabi to make your Abu Dhabi pools so beautiful. If you notice that the swimming pool has turned greenish and you need swimming pool specialists to aid you, Eureka is prepared to support you with a workable approach.

Pool Service Company

Numerous compounds for swimming pool water purification are available to prevent harmful germs and organisms from thriving in the pool water.   Pools water chemistry is a very straightforward part of appropriate swimming pool care and water purification. Before you go for the chemicals, use reliable testing kits to check the pH and chlorine levels in the water. The water in the pool must be clean. By keeping it clean, clear, and steady, you and your household are protected from poisons and contaminants. It also saves money by preventing costly hardware changes cracks or sediment build-up, as well as creating sparkling pool water. Water is continually in contact with the panels or bottom of your swimming pool. Maintaining those areas free of algae and debris will aid in keeping your pool clean and safe. Also, need to maintain a close check on the chlorine levels. Most of the highly qualified pool maintenance companies do more than just remove debris from the pool. They also investigate pool filtration, check and sustain the chemical balance in the pool, and make the appropriate renovations to the floor tiles, stairways, walks, as well as other pool characteristics. We are also one of them who always likes to work near the customer’s point of view.


There should be no problems if the pH value of your swimming pool water is kept within the typical range of 7.4 to 7.6

            Abu Dhabi pool service starts from AED 4000 per year

Maintaining cleanliness is important for your pool otherwise various toxic materials may grow and it makes harm s to you. Your pool must clean at least once a week.